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We know and hence we serve better. 

Sports & Gaming | Information Technology | Green Energy and EVs | Consumer Electronics | Health and Wellness | Fast Moving Consumer Goods | Unicorn Startups | Hotels, Hospitality, Travel, F&B | Art Galleries, Artists and Photographers | Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle Brands | Music, Podcast, print and media publications | Celebrities and Influencers | Family Offices

Strategy | Solutions | Support

Our several years of experience in legal practice has helped us develop a deeper understanding of law and to have a practical approach towards client's requirements. We are result oriented lawyers setting new standards in legal profession. Our paper-less setup gives us the freedom to operate from anywhere and at anytime... makes us available and approachable always!


On a regular basis, we are:

  • Advising clients on corporate laws, intellectual property, employment.

  • Helping clients with legal compliances such as relating to food safety, data protection, internet laws, and advertising guidelines.

  • Assisting client with drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial contracts including essential business agreements, global franchising and licensing arrangements and even family settlements.

  • Helping clients maintain legal hygiene by conducting corporate, HR and IP due diligence, internal IP and IT auditing, corporate and HR laws related training and workshops.

  • Representing clients in courts and tribunals, across India and globally through our trusted network of of-counsels. We help clients in strategising dispute resolution process to mitigate even future risks and liabilities. 

Ramesh Prasanna

Secretary General, International Delphic Council

His (Subhash Bhutoria) solution focused approach makes for a compelling case to rest all cases! His mere presence induces a sense of well-being.
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